The Psybrary™

MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™ is anticipated to be an essential building block from which industry can develop new patented products.

MagicMed scientists start with a natural psychedelic molecule such as psilocybin and modify its structure to create many new derivative variant molecules which will form part of the MagicMed Psybrary™.

The proprietary scientific tools MagicMed employs for its derivatizations are trade secrets developed in-house from our decades of research and development in the field of natural product biochemistry.

Natural molecules such as psilocybin cannot be patented as a molecular composition. New molecular derivative compositions in the Psybrary™ are patentable as are MagicMed’s proprietary methods of manufacturing the derivatives within the Psybrary™.

MagicMed partners will be able to search, select and test from the derivatives in the Psybrary™ and use them as a building block for their own product development based on the indication that they are targeting (anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD and many others).

The MagicMed Psybrary™ and field expertise provides the concrete head start necessary for success in a competitive environment.

The initial focus of the Psybrary™ is on psilocybin and is expected to be opportunistically expanded to other psychedelics like MDMA, ketamine, ibogaine, mescaline, and ayahuasca.

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