About MagicMed

MagicMed Industries intends to partner with pharmaceutical and other companies to develop psychedelic-derived medicinal.

MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™ is anticipated to be an essential building block from which industry can develop new patented products.

The initial focus of the Psybrary™ is on psilocybin, and is expected to be opportunistically expanded to other psychedelics like MDMA, ketamine, ibogaine, mescaline, and ayahuasca.

The Need

Pharma is looking for more effective and safer products to address numerous psychological indications that are growing in need and that are currently poorly treated.

Psychedelic agents have recently shown promise in this area but are limited in market potential because they require in-clinic administration and therapist oversight.

In order to respond to increased needs and to create broader market share, the pharma industry will require scientifically engineered versions of natural psychedelic molecules to improve on therapeutic benefit and to reduce toxicities (side effects).

Once developed and approved, new medicinal products will be useful for both prescribed and in-clinic administration to patients.

The creation of new psychedelic-based medicinal products requires innovative processes, technology and expertise that pharma and consumer goods companies do not possess internally.

Numerous companies are aspiring to develop new psychedelic-derived pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and consumer goods products.

The Team

Dr. Joseph Tucker

Dr. Joseph Tucker is a seasoned executive who has built several publicly traded biotechnology companies. He has worked closely with the MagicMed Science team since 2013. As CEO of MagicMed Industries, Dr. Tucker focuses on partnership development, capital raising and the pursuit of a successful exit strategy.

Dr. Jillian Hagel

Dr. Jillian Hagel has previously held COO and Vice President roles in the biotechnology industry. She focuses on Science team coordination and patent filings. Dr. Hagel will lead the Science team’s laser focus on delivering partner milestones.

Dr. Peter Facchini

Dr. Peter Facchini has previously held the Chief Scientific Officer role at other publicly-traded and private biotechnology companies. A recognized leader in the development of new molecular derivatives, Dr. Facchini has published more than 160 scientific papers and holds 20 patents in the field. At MagicMed Industries Dr. Facchini is applying his focus to the creation and patenting of psychedelics-derivatives.

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