The nascent psychedelic medicine industry has the potential to radically improve modern pharmacopeia with robust new tools. MagicMed’s molecular derivative library, the Psybrary™, is anticipated to be an essential building block from which the emerging industry can develop patented products. What does the process of going from building block to blockbuster drug look like? The team at MagicMed has an innovative strategy in place, including powerfully combining cutting-edge science with a strategic, long-term business plan. This guide will explore just how their team aims to see novel psychedelic-inspired compounds through the drug development process and into the world for the greater good of humanity.

Beginning with the Natural Psychedelic Molecules & Improving Upon Them 

The scientific team at MagicMed begins their novel psychedelic drug development process by starting with a natural psychedelic molecule, such as psilocybin. From here, the team will create many new derivative variant molecules, thus expanding their psychedelic derivative library–cleverly dubbed “the Psybrary™”. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the MagicMed team is applying the latest concepts of synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry to optimize their psychedelic drug development protocol. A closer look at this novel process and its core concepts of synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry will help illustrate it’s powerful potential to create the next generation of breakthrough drugs.

Synthetic Biology & Medicinal Chemistry: A Powerful Combination

The MagicMed team’s innovative drug development process is the product of combining synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry–a powerfully versatile strategy. The identification, isolation and optimization of specific molecules from psychoactive plants for pharmaceutical use is the mantra for modern drug development. The integration of synthetic biology allows for a significantly larger diversity of new chemical entities. The medicinal chemistry side of the equation allows for maximizing yield. This is particularly important as scaling the production of these compounds is critical for long-term success. While this approach requires a significant investment of time and money, the payoffs are projected to be incredibly promising.

In addition to an experienced scientific leadership team, MagicMed’s robust business model entails forming diverse partnerships in the nascent psychedelic industry to de-risk their drug development process.

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Collaboration, Not Competition: A Refreshing Approach to Drug Development 

The race to intellectual property in pharmaceutical drug development is downright cut-throat when it comes to competition. With the average cost of seeing a drug all the way down the pipeline being over a billion dollars and 9 in 10 drugs failing to meet these rigorous standards, the stakes are certainly high. Perhaps this is why MagicMed’s unique “collaboration, not competition” approach to forming strategic partnerships to de-risk their drug development process is so refreshing.

The innovative team at MagicMed Industries intends to strategically partner with pharmaceutical and other companies to develop psychedelic-derived medicinal and licit consumer goods and products. The road from molecular building blocks to blockbuster psychedelic drug is a long and arduous one. By forming diverse and strategic partnerships with other emerging players in the space, MagicMed derisks their drug development process in a massive way. This significantly boosts their chances of success in this competitive, high-risk field.

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Partnerships Will Cover Early Phase Research and Drug Development Costs

In the early phases of their operations, MagicMed’s diverse partners will cover research and drug development costs. These strategically diverse partnerships allow them to avoid the traditional “one molecule, one market” approach, which is significantly riskier when attempting to bring novel drugs to market–especially when it comes to psychedelics. This unique approach allows the MagicMed team to capture both milestone payments early on and royalty payments down the line. This versatile strategy allows them to retain the massive benefits pharmaceutical development offers without the significant capital risk that is generally involved. On the road to developing the next blockbuster psychedelic drug, de-risking through diversified partnerships is a powerful strategy being utilized by the MagicMed team.

An Ambitious & Realistic Approach to Ushering in Psychedelic Medicine

The psychedelic revolution has come a long way from the era of peak ethnobotany and political disruption. Today, these compounds are being streamlined into modern drug development utilizing cutting edge technology, synthetic derivatives, multidisciplinary collaboration, and financial prowess. MagicMed stands at the forefront of these endeavours, offering an open invitation to partners while challenging the tired methodologies of traditional drug development. The company will not limit themselves to familiar compounds, familiar litigating approval timelines, or familiar financial burdens that have long gone unchallenged. Instead, MagicMed Industries is diving into the unfamiliar with innovative leadership, methodologies, and a collaborative spirit. This is the ambitious and realistic approach that will truly usher in psychedelic medicine.