In pursuit of developing their psychedelic derivative patent library, the Psybrary™, MagicMed is joining forces with the University of Calgary. A research contract was signed that entails the University will be providing scientific and laboratory support to MagicMed.

Here, MagicMed will be able to execute the Psybrary™ mission in a more in depth, accelerated manner. Likewise, the University of Calgary will benefit from having new research opportunities available to their students. This agreement is truly a step forward for society at large, positively impacting the medicine market, mental health crisis, and the next generation of academic researchers to work with these compounds.

The Significance of Psychedelic Derivatives

While traditional psychedelic compounds are astounding in their own right, there is no real argument for this industry to limit itself to the familiar. In fact, the psychedelic industry may be hindered by sticking to a limited list of drugs which, in their plant form, are highly variable and run the gamut of side effects.

Thankfully, innovators at MagicMed Industries are producing a whole new inventory of psychedelic derivatives. Indeed, these derivatives will not only be more optimized for therapeutic benefit than their predecessors, but they will assist in navigating through the rigorous and stubborn regulatory process regarding these compounds.

How These Psychedelic Derivatives Work

In layman terms, MagicMed is combining synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry to create these derivatives. Synthetic biology allows for these new derivatives to be made, whereas medicinal chemistry maximizes yield. But how exactly do these derivatives work?

For the sake of brevity, we will use the example of psilocybin. Psilocybin is a tryptamine compound, meaning it has a tryptamine “core” attached to an ethyl amino group. Well, psilocybin derivatives (or analogs) share this tryptamine core but vary in other ways. Those variations are useful because minor chemical differences can make a big difference in the drug’s effect. Within those endless possibilities of minor differences is a world of therapeutic index waiting to be utilized! Again, there is no reason psychedelic medicine has to limit itself to what we already know – it’s very clear we have the scientific rigor, technical skill, and spirit of discovery to dive into derivatives.

Trail blazers in Psychedelic Medicine

This partnership with University of Calgary further elevates MagicMed Industries’ status as trail blazers in psychedelic medicine. MagicMed’s mission to expand our current knowledge and application of psychedelic compounds requires a tremendous amount of dedication, which Calgary scientists wholeheartedly subscribe too. In turn, not only is society benefiting from real medicinal outcomes that will arise from this research contract, but other industry actors may be inspired to collaborate closely with academia. Psychedelic medicine mainstreaming is largely here thanks to vigorous academic research, and it seems it will continue to play an important role as the revolution unfolds.