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Comprenez comment MagicMed aborde la diminution des risques de son modèle commercial, ce qui se profile à l’horizon 2021, en quoi l’industrie des psychédéliques diffère de l’industrie du cannabis, et bien plus encore.

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Dr. Jillian Hagel, discusses the past, present and the future of psychedelics.

MagicMed Industries Inc. was delighted to be a gold sponsor and give the keynote address at this year's Mushroom Conference: A Molecular Masterclass. To learn more about the industry, watch her full presentation.

What does MagicMed do Best?

MagicMed is building a library of psychedelic derivatives called the Psybrary™ to support and enable the development of new mental health treatments. MagicMed scientists start with a natural psychedelic molecule such as psilocybin and modify its structure to create many new derivatives. The team at MagicMed utilizes their extensive experience in collaboration with large industry partners to develop the novel derivatives and create novel brain and mental health treatments.

What is the Psybrary and how can it be utilized?

The MagicMed team uses the structure of existing psychedelic molecules as a starting point from which to develop novel derivatives contained within the Psybrary™. The Psybrary™ is a library of drug candidates (and the intellectual property that protects them) based on the core structures of known psychedelic molecules. By making a vast library of new molecules with altered structures, MagicMed can then screen these creations to find new drug candidates with the desired characteristics that pharmaceutical development partners want.

MagicMed’s partners will be able to search, select, and test from the derivatives in the Psybrary™ and develop them into new therapeutics for the indication that they are targeting. The MagicMed team will continue to work with its partners to further refine and improve their selected derivative molecules to create a finished pharmaceutical product.

Why is the psychedelics industry different from the cannabis industry?

On the surface there appears to be many similarities between the cannabis and psychedelics industries. However, the similarities are superficial, and the two industries are in fact very different. The cannabis industry is based primarily on the production and sale of recreational cannabis products in the many jurisdictions that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis. The psychedelics industry has seen a few cities and states decriminalize some psychedelics, but the main market potential actually lies in the pharmaceutical application of these molecules. To reach commercialization the companies in the space need to fulfill the regulatory requirements for marketing and sales required in each jurisdiction, including the completion of appropriate clinical trials.

How can someone invest in MagicMed?

MagicMed Industries is a private company. Our goal for 2021 is to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)* and we have reserved the ticker (MGIC). Our investor presentation can be found on our website. We encourage potential investors to sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with everything going on at MagicMed.

*Subject to exchange approval.

What does MagicMed have on the horizon for 2021?

2021 will be an exciting year for MagicMed and the entire psychedelics industry. In the first half of the year we aim to go public on the CSE. MagicMed also plans to continue the development of the PsybrayTM, including patent filings on and the synthesis and development of additional, novel psychedelic derivatives. Currently, MagicMed has completed the filing of its psilocybin patent portfolio and plans to expand to additional psychedelics such as mescaline, MDMA and LSD in 2021. With the launch of our Candidate Selection Program, we expect to soon begin working with multiple partners in the industry to continue the development of our drug candidates.

How will Health Canada's end of life order affect the industry?

Health Canada’s end-of-life order has demonstrated Health Canada’s acknowledgement of psychedelics as potentially valuable and needed medications. The exemption, which gives some cancer patients the ability to use psilocybin to manage end-of-life anxiety, sends the psychedelics industry down a much anticipated and long awaited path. There continues to be additional therapeutic and research exemptions granted, which allow still more patients to gain access to these revolutionary medicines and also increases the research and development knowledge in the field. This should assist in the destigmatization of psychedelics and further expand access to these potentially life changing medications.

To what do you attribute your success?

Our success has been the result of a number of factors and has recently resulted in an $8.1 million, oversubscribed private placement that included investment by The Conscious Fund.

First, we are implementing a novel business model distinctly different from those of other psychedelic companies. By partnering with other companies in the space we reduce investment risk and generate multiple revenue streams through milestone payments and licensing fees. This model also allows MagicMed to facilitate and work with the other companies in the field rather than compete against them. The success of any of our partners is our success as well.
Our experienced executive and science team is another great strength. Our key management team members each have decades of experience in biotechnology and drug development, which is not something every other company in the space can claim.

Is MagicMed ready to entertain partners that can use the Psybrary?

Currently, MagicMed’s has established a psilocybin-derivatives patent portfolio that also captures dimethyltryptamine (DMT) derivatives. The patent portfolio includes 12 patent applications for 9 different chemical structure categories with the potential to protect over 125 million individual molecules. The Company has currently synthesized over 100 drug candidates and launched the Candidate Selection program to initiate partnerships and pharmacological testing to maximize our market participation.

MagicMed is well-positioned to capitalize on our diverse derivative library as interest in psychedelics surges. MagicMed plans to expand its Psybrary™ to also contain derivatives of other psychedelics, and their associated patent portfolios.

How does MagicMed's approach de-risk the business model?

MagicMed’s strong foundation of psychedelic derivatives, contained in the Psybrary™, will allow multiple partners to simultaneously advance their desired derivative molecules through preclinical and clinical testing. This will provide the company with multiple revenue streams. Furthermore, beyond licensing fees and milestone payments made during the development process, royalties on approved drugs will create long-term blue-sky potential. Their revenue model significantly de-risks the company and provides revenue streams from multiple partners. Furthermore, by acting as an enabler of the psychedelics pharmaceutical field, MagicMed is able to participate in the development of many more drug candidates than it could acting on its own. When partners successfully reach regulatory milestones MagicMed shares in those achievements and becomes revenue positive more quickly than a traditional drug development company.

Parlons des psychédéliques

Les psychédéliques sont des molécules comme la psilocybine ou le LSD qui provoquent des hallucinations.

Une molécule qui est structurellement similaire à un agent psychédélique connu, comme la psilocybine, mais avec des effets physiques différents sur l’utilisateur.

Les dérivés permettent d’améliorer la puissance du produit et de réduire la toxicité, de réduire les coûts de fabrication et de déposer des brevets pour établir un monopole sur le marché.

  • Psilocybine et psilocine
  • 3,4-méthyl énedioxy méthamphétamine (MDMA)
  • Diéthylamide d’acide lysergique (LSD)
  • Diméthyltryptamine (DMT)
  • Ibogaïne
  • 3,4,5-triméthoxyphénéthylamine (mescaline)

Des essais cliniques en cours et des preuves anecdotiques suggèrent que les médicaments psychédéliques peuvent être en mesure de soulager la dépression, l’anxiété, le trouble de stress post-traumatique, les céphalées / migraines et les comportements addictifs, y compris l’abus d’opioïdes, d’alcool et de nicotine et les troubles alimentaires.

Les partenaires de MagicMed sélectionneront des molécules particulières du Psybrary™ et les feront progresser dans les essais cliniques requis par les agences de réglementation. L’approbation de commercialisation sera exigée des organismes de réglementation de la santé, tels que Santé Canada, la FDA ou l’EMA, avant que les médicaments puissent être vendus.

Les sociétés pharmaceutiques et biotechnologiques, les principales sociétés de psychédéliques avec focus sur le bien-être et les producteurs de cannabis axés sur le bien-être qui s’intéressent à l’espace psychédélique.

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