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Patenting Natural Products: An Intricate Game

A powerful patent portfolio can be the single most valuable asset of a business. The operative legal driver behind this is straightforward to grasp: patent rights offer the holder of the patent the…

Ibogaine Derivative Suggests Therapeutic Benefit of Psychedelics May Not Require Hallucinatory Activity

Nearly 80 years ago, scientists interested in psychoactive drugs such as LSD, psilocybin and mescaline began investigating their potential for clinical use. Not long after, a series of political and…

MagicMed Industries Partners with University of Calgary to Develop Psybrary™

In pursuit of developing their psychedelic derivative patent library, the Psybrary™, MagicMed is joining forces with the University of Calgary. A research contract was signed that entails the…

Psychedelic Derivatives-From Building Blocks to Blockbuster Drugs

The nascent psychedelic medicine industry has the potential to radically improve modern pharmacopeia with robust new tools. MagicMed’s molecular derivative library, the Psybrary™, is anticipated to…

From Plant-Based to Prescriptible Pills: How Do You Turn Psychedelic Plants Into Medicine

Ancient and indigenous cultures have been utilizing nature’s pharmacy through the therapeutic use of plant medicines since time immemorial. With modern society on the cusp of the psychedelic…

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